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Visiting San Francisco (for tourists)

San Francisco is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world. Here are some website to find apartments in our area that are in walking distance to Adath Israel. If you're interested in relocating to San Francisco and would like to spend Shabbat in our community, we do our best to offer home hospitality. Due to the large number of requests we get, we are not able to meet all requests. Please provide a reference with your request. Contact Rabbi Landau to set it up:


There are several options for staying in the neighborhood near the shul:

  • Look at options in the "Sunset" and "Inner Sunset" areas if you want to stay in the neighborhood of Adath Israel.
  • The link to the left will show places and their location relative to the shul.
  •  A special reduced rate is avaialble for a Shabbat-friendly apartment half a block from the shul. This rate is for guests of the Adath Israel community. Just mention that you will be spending Shabbat in our community to get the special reduced rate.