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The Power of Song

Back in the early 90’s there was a cute movie called Sister Act, staring Whoopee Goldberg. It was about a Reno lounge singer who witnesses a mob killing. After telling the police, she is hidden in a convent under a witness protection program and assumes a new identity as Sister Mary Clarence. However, she can’t just sit around all day in the lifeless, boring convent, so, she joins the church’s dull & lifeless choir and turns it into a hip group of swingin’ singin’ sisters which makes the church popular with young people.

Ever since seeing that movie I have always wanted to have a shul with a similar type of spirit and sound (not the dancing). Baruch Hashem, I was blessed to have such a congregation in Irvine. Whenever we had a simcha that drew in people from outside of the community, people would come over to me after services and comment on the amazing congregational singing.

In my opinion, there is an enormous energy and power that is generated by an entire room coming together in song which leads to an electrifying atmosphere. This is especially true when people understand the meaning of the songs/prayers.

Believe it or not, I really am concerned about our services sometimes being too long, whether on Shabbat or Holidays. However, as we all know, time flies when you’re having fun. The more people enjoy participating in the service the less they feel like things are dragging out.

In order to create a prayer environment that rocks-n-rolls we need to work together at creating a more songful and meaningful service. Therefore, with Rosh Hashanah a little over a month way, I would like to invite people from both sides of the mechitza to join me Sunday nights at 8:00pm for a High-Holiday prayer work-out.

If you’d like to participate but the timing doesn’t work for you (or if you miss a session) the songs will be available on the shul’s website.

Looking forward to singing with you.