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Get in on AI's Pesach Meat Order

There's nothing like brisket for the chaggim. Now that the new year has begun and it’s almost Purim, it’s time to start thinking about what you would like from our next meat order. 

In order to enhance our Yom Tov experience, I would like to introduce our community to Kohn’s Kosher Market in St Louis. (In case any of you pass this on to anyone new) Kohn’s is under the supervision of the Va’ad Hoeir of St. Louis (circle V), and all of their meats are strictly Glatt Kosher. I established a relationship with the proprietor, Lenny Kohn, over twenty years ago when I formed a similar program in Irvine and he has been providing meats to Southern California ever since.  Lenny has agreed to happily pass on reductions to us whenever it’s possible and he’s always on top of finding the best shipper for the lowest prices. For instance, he informed me that he has found a cheaper priced trucking company to use. The meat is delivered via freezer truck & the freight charge is prorated per order. The average shipping charge per full forequarter (to be explained further down) is approximately $60. This hopefully will lower our shipping costs with the new trucking company as it also will depend on how many orders we have. The plan is to put together an order right before Pesach every year in order to have plenty of delicious (frozen) meat for the chaggim.

Mr. Kohn has put together some great pricing for us, especially those of us who are used to paying top dollar for Kosher meat in the Bay Area. In order to get the meat here before Pesach, we will have to have our order in by March 1st.  Please don’t delay in emailing me your orders so that I have time to get them all organized & sent in (less than 1 month from now). The good news is that there is still plenty of time to clean out those freezers and forward this to friends and family who would like to take advantage of these low prices!!  I place the orders as they come in, so that Lenny can place the orders ahead of time to his supplier. Therefore, the sooner you get your order to me, the better.

It goes without saying that you should feel free to share this information with family and friends who may decide they are ready to order kosher meat for the holidays or who are new to the area or unaware of the awesome deal we get.

Please let me know what you would like to order, and I will speak to you personally about your credit card information (do not e-mail this information as this is not a secure site). If you have questions, you may e-mail me or call me on my cell phone at (415) 730.3526. 

Here, I would like to clarify the ordering & payment. This is not a co-op; rather it is a group order. Everyone orders (through me) what they want. The most cost effective way to order is to order one of the preset orders as laid out below. If you choose to order just the individual pieces you wish you will pay for them as if you walked into “the store” & bought them over the counter at full price. Any ala’carte orders over $100 will be discounted 10%.  When placing the order, I will take your credit card number, expiration date & the security # from the back (CVR) (over the phone) as a security for the butcher.

I will compile a spread sheet of all the orders & submit them no later than March 1st. 

There are payment options but all payment is only taken from Lenny upon OUR RECEIPT of the order.

Payment options:

1. You will have given me your credit card & I will call them all in or

2. You can choose to tell me that you’d rather send a check directly

Again, none of this is done until after you have received your order & seen your bill.

When the orders arrive at the shul each person’s order will come individually boxed with a bill.

Meat Prices:

Whole beef forequarter - $4.49/lb plus shipping (average weight 175 lbs) (down from last time we ordered)

20 lb ground beef

8 lb beef for stew

6 strips short ribs

10-12 lb brisket

10- 12 lb shoulder roast

5 lb dekel roast

4 – 3 lb chuck steaks

5 – 6 lb bnls chuck roast

4 lb top of rib roast

3 lb skirt steaks

marrow bones

either 16 rib steak or rib eye steaks with a slab of ribs or 10 lb rib eye roast

all roast can be cut in half

1/2 beef forequarter – $4.79 /lb plus shipping (Approx. weight 113lbs.)

Ground Chuck by the case (15 x 2 lb. packages) $5.09/lb

whole lamb- @$7.99/lb    plus shipping (average weight 30/lbs)

choice of 2 lamb racks or approx 14 BABY LAMB CHOPS







Chicken Breast Cutlets (about 30 lbs.) $5.00/lb

All chicken prices are the same as last year.

GROUND BEEF, 30lb case wrapped in 1 lb. packages $5.25/lb. (reg price $6.29/lb.)

UNGERS Gefilte fish case/12 $97.00 

Noam Gefilte fish case/24 $150.00


Even where I didn’t explicitly write it, all orders have shipping added as stated above, prorated.

We are the main producer of kosher bison in the country, - a healthy alternative to beef

I will discount our bison products also

Check out his website for prices, our price for bison is 10% off of the website pricing.

Note: the prices are based on UNCUT MEAT which means that you will be paying for more than you are getting as you do anytime you buy fresh meat or fish. The whole item is weighed & paid for & then cut & packaged.  All of the meat and deli items as well as special cuts and a’ la cart meat prices at can be seen on their website as well. Sometimes the website prices may not always be up to date. If you need to know anything you can always ask me to clarify for you.

Thank you and Wishing you all a wonderful Passover