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Yamim Noraim 5780

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Introducing the Chazzan: Yaakov Bar

Yaakov Bar is a world renowned cantor and performer.  An alumnus of the Moscow Academy of Cantorial Art, he has performed internationally with the Academy Male Choir. A protégé of Cantor Vladimir Pliss, Yaakov has been the lead cantor at the Moscow Central Choral Synagogue for over 20 years. In addition, Yaakov has performed and studied with a number of  internationally known Cantors - Yosef Malovani, Avrahom Pressman and many others. Yaakov has recently attained a degree in Choral Conducting from the Moscow Maimonides Classical Academy. He leads services in synagogues and performs in communities across the world - Israel, America and Europe.

Lulav and Etrog

The price for a basic lulav & etrog set is $50 and for a mehudar set $80. Please place your order with the office ASAP.