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News Roundup


Once again, I seek to provide you with some diversity. First up is an op-ed by Fred Maroun. Mr. Maroun is a Canadian of Arab origin who lived in Lebanon until 1984, including during ten years of civil war. In his article he explains why, despite Israel’s shortcomings, he’d be proud to be an Israeli. After that we have a letter written by David Bernstein, the Founder/CEO of the Jewish Institute for Liberal Values (JILV). The letter is addressed to liberal Jewish parents and grandparents encouraging them to hold the line on traditional liberal values. Lastly, Jeff Jacoby weighs in on why viewership of the Olympics was down by 52%! I think he is probably correct. 

Blog #1 Proud to be Israeli: “The Hypocrisy of Expecting PERFECTION from Israel,” by Fred Maroun, originally published in the Jewish Press. 

Blog #2 Standing Up for Classical Liberal Values: “Dear Jewish Parents (and Grandparents): Stop deferring to your woke kids,” by David Bernstein, originally published in the Times of Israel 

Blog #3 Why Was Viewership of the Olympics Down by 52%?: “The wrestler who loved her country,” by Jeff Jacoby, originally published in the Boston Globe