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Make America Whole Again


Most people from both sides of our political divide agree that the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan has not gone well. Be that as it may, the big question that numerous pundits are addressing is - what will be the consequences for the future. Many columns written on the subject are full of doom and gloom. However, historian Michael Oren, who was Israel’s ambassador to the United State during the Obama administration, sees the possibility of a positive outcome. Yup you read correctly. Check out what he has to say in Blog #1. 

After focusing on the challenges of the Middle East, we come back to the mess in our own backyard. Blogs #2 and #3 paint two totally different pictures of what is going on in America today. Blog #2 explains a negative phenomenon of political polarization, whereas Blog #3 demonstrates a positive trend of reaching out to create unity What we learn and should take to heart from both articles is what to do and not do to make American society whole again. 

Blog #1: A Hopeful Post Afghan-Debacle Analysis- “The Taliban win forces the question: What’s next for the US?” by Michael Oren, this article originally appeared on the Times of Israel 

Blog #2: The Social Disintegration of America- “Two cranky old Jews demonstrate everything that’s wrong with our political culture,” by Jonathan S. Tobin, this article originally appeared on Jewish News Syndicate

Blog #3: Building a Diverse Community- “3 days of rioting shattered Crown Heights. 30 Years of peacemaking helped put it back together,” by Eli Cohen, this article originally appeared in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency