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Why Apologize?


With just a few days left before Rosh Hashana, I share with you two articles to get us into the holiday mood. First, we have insights into shofar blowing by R. Benjamin Blech. After that, we have an analysis by Prof. Daniel Statman, Head of the Philosophy Department at the University of Haifa, of what an apology is really all about. Lastly, since Covid-19 unfortunately is still wreaking havoc on our lives, I thought you’d find an interview with Israel’s coronavirus czar, Prof. Salman Zarka, of interest.   

Blog #1: “The Shofar’s Stirring Message for Today,” by Rabbi Benjamin Blech, originally posted on

Blog #2: “What’s the point of an apology?” by Professor Daniel Statman, originally posted on the Times of Israel

Blog #3: “Delta surprised Israel, which dropped the ball on vaccination, admits COVID czar,” by Nathan Jeffay, originally posted on the Times of Israel