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The Meaning of Thanksgiving


Today is Thanksgiving and I am enormously grateful (today and every day) for the many blessings G-d has bestowed on me, Johni and the rest of my family. Today is also the bris of my newest grandson in Israel and I’m anxiously waiting to know his name. 

As I told you last week, I’d be focusing on three things for the coming week: 

  1. Getting out our Thanksgiving/Chanukah packages – DONE! If you didn’t receive it, please let me know.
  2. Organizing the A.I. Chanukah party – DONE! Please RSVP yay or nay.
  3. Putting together our end of the year matching funds fundraiser - You’ll be hearing from me soon. 

Since today is Thanksgiving, I’d like to share with you an interesting observation about the term “Thanksgiving.” The word seems to be an oxymoron. “Thanks” has to do with the response to receiving. “Giving,” on the other hand, is the opposite of receiving. In the following article from, R. Benjamin Blech delves into this issue and comes up with some incredibly relevant insights. 

With Chanukah starting Sunday night, I also want to share with you the following article by R. Avi Shafran from Ami Magazine, which suggests that the message of Chanukah is the antidote to anti-Semitism.