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rabbi 05 smallsf badge lgRabbi Joel Landau  ( has been the Rabbi of Adath Israel since May 2013. He was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate in Jerusalem and has served previously as a congregational Rabbi in Charleston, South Carolina and Irvine, California. A full biography of Rabbi Landau is available here.

This week I need to share with you something on the mundane side though quite consequential. There are several issues pertaining to the wellbeing of our building that demand our attention.

The exterior of the shul has not been painted in years. If we do not address this in the near future, the wood siding will begin to deteriorate. Over the course of this past winter, we have had the unpleasant experience of rain leaking inside the sanctuary and offices. Clearly, we cannot allow that to happen again next winter. Additionally, the kitchen floor needs a new coat of rubberized anti-slip coating to prevent accidents.

Baruch Hashem, there is enough time before the onset of 5775 to fix the problems. However, the A.I. budget does not have the extra funds to cover these extremely important repairs. Therefore, the board has decided to go on a Building Maintenance Campaign to raise the funds to cover the costs involved. In the next few days/weeks you will be contacted by a board member to request your participation so that we can begin 5775 in good shape. Let's please do all that we can to insure that our building is well preserved.