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rabbi 05 smallsf badge lgRabbi Joel Landau  ( has been the Rabbi of Adath Israel since May 2013. He was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate in Jerusalem and has served previously as a congregational Rabbi in Charleston, South Carolina and Irvine, California. A full biography of Rabbi Landau is available here.


First up this week, I’d like to share Blog #1, featuring some reflections on the Pew Study from my longtime friend, Rabbi David Eliezrie (R. Zarchi’s father in-law). Putting aside his Chabad-focused perspective, I think that there are aspects of what he says that Adath Israel needs to consider as we plan for the future. Next in my line up, Blog #2 focuses on what is being called the “Insta-fada,” or the social media war against Israel. Shoshanna Keats Jaskoll, a writer and activist, explains what is going on in that field of battle and how even if we lose the Insta-fada battles, we will still end up winning the war. Last but not least, Blog #3 discusses identifying publicly as a Jew in an anti-Semitic world. Last week, a well-intended tweet by our very own Aaron Keyak on this issue drew both criticism and support from different sectors. In this final post, R. Benjamin Blech disagrees with Aaron’s take and explains why. The truth is, I see both sides and I think that the correct approach depends on the situation. Let me know what you think. 

Blog #1: "US Jewry is shifting profoundly and Chabad is on rise - Pew research" by David Eliezrie, originally published on the Jerusalem Post 

Blog #2: "Losing the Insta-fada, but winning the war" by Shoshanna Keats Jaskll, originally published on the Times of Israel 

Blog #3: "Identifying As a Jew in an Anti-Semitic World" by Rabbi Benjamin Blech, originally published on Aish