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Pesach 5781

Everything you need for Pesach 5781, including important reminders, guidelines and inspirational insights (matzah sold seperately). 

Pesach Newsletter
Can't wait to get your hands on our Pesach Newsletter in the mail? Get your sneak peak here! Many thanks to all the generous donors who have contributed to the shul. 

Pesach Guidelines with Rabbi Landau
Check out Rabbi Landau's guide to everything you need to know about Pesach. From guidelines for how to prepare for Pesach starting on Saturday night, to insights into the seder, this Pesach guide will give you the knowledge and inspiration for a meaningful holiday!

Haggadah Insights

Make your seder a meaningful experince by preparing with these interesting commentaries and explanations of the Haggadah.

Sale of Chametz Form
Please submit your sale of chametz form online by Thursday, March 25th. You can also print out the form and mail or email it to Rabbi Landau. 

Pesach Guides
OU and CRC Pesach Guides are now available online. 

The Mitzvah of Maot Chitim - Wheat Money 
The holiday of Pesach is called z’man cheiruteinu, or the “time of our freedom.” There is a special mitzvah at this time of year called Maot Chitim- giving money to ensure that our fellow Jews have freedom from economic hardship and thereby enabling them to make a dignified Pesach seder for themselves and their families. Please contact Rabbi Landau to donate to the Adath Israel Maot Chitim Fund, which is administered in a sensitive and confidential manner. Your generosity will fulfill the promise we make at our sedarim every year: “Let all who are hungry come and eat with us."