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High Holidays at A.I.

Start the new year right with your friends and family at A.I.! Check out more info on all of the holiday happenings coming your way! 

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shlomo brummer

Special Guest Cantor, Shlomo Brummer

Shlomo Brummer is an Israeli-born Cantor who is the eldest of a musical family of fifteen. From a young age, he was identified as having a gifted melodious voice. His exposure to classical music and chazzanut led him to a career in the Cantorial world. Under the auspices of Conductor Eli Jaffe of the Jerusalem Institution for Cantors at the Great Synagogue, he graduated as a certified chazzan. We extend a warm A.I. welcome to Shlomo Brummer and look forward to him joining us for the High Holidays! 



Men's Mikvah

The RTC’s Mikva Yechiel will be open Erev Rosh Hoshana, September 6th, from 6:30am -5pm. The cost is $10, please bring your own towel. 


COVID Updates

As per the SF Health Department's mandate, EVERYONE needs to wear a properly fitting mask (i.e. both nose and mouth covered). 

The sanctuary's ventilation will be maximized and only family members will be seated next to each other (unless otherwise requested). 

Obviously, if you are not feeling well or have any cold/flu like symptoms, please remain at home.  



It would be greatly appreciated if you would confirm your attendance by Thursday, September 2nd (or earlier) via email or text. Though there will be security outside the front door, to gain access to the building you will need to know the code. That code will be provided to you once you have verified your attendance (see #9).  

Lulav and Etrog

The price for a standard lulav & etrog set is $50 and for a mehudar set is $80. Please let the Rabbi know ASAP if you would like to order a set through the shul.