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Living with COVID


Baruch Hashem, I wasn’t contacted this week by anyone to arrange a funeral. FYI - the funds needed to cover the burial costs for the gentleman that I told you about last week were raised and he was buried this past Tuesday. Thank you to all those who chose to participate in defraying the costs involved.

Unfortunately, one topic that we can’t seem to get away from is Covid-19. In my humble opinion, I think that the recent reporting on what is happening in San Francisco is needlessly alarming. For example, using the word “surge” to describe the situation. Why? When did I get my degree in epidemiology or immunology? Well, even without a medical degree I can do some simple math. 

Since Omicron entered our lives, I’ve been checking San Francisco’s daily Covid-19 stats. Though it is true that many people are contracting Omicron, those who are vaccinated (which is around 90% of the people living in San Francisco), mainly experience mild cold symptoms (yes there are exceptions, but B”H, for the vast majority it’s a cold). 

The important question is - how many people are being hospitalized?  At the moment, there are 138 people hospitalized due to Covid-19, twenty-two of whom are in the ICU. By the way, almost all of the people in the hospital are non-vaccinated (or immunocompromised). Now, those numbers might sound quite serious to you and indeed they are a 100% jump from just a few weeks before. However, it would seem to me that we need to consider the fact that San Francisco has a population of around 800,000, with over 2,000 hospital beds.

This being the case, from my perspective, the situation isn’t so bad. I really don’t understand why some people think it’s 2020 all over again. Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying that we should throw our Covid caution to the wind, but rather that we need to go on living our lives without being too worried that death from Covid is lurking around the corner. If you disagree with me – please let me know why. If you agree please let me know too.          

For more on learning to live with COVID and the current situation in SF, check out this report from ABC7 or this article from the San Francisco Gate.