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End of Life Planning


The National Association for Chevra Kadisha (NASCK) has dedicated this Shabbos, Parashat Vayechi, to addressing the Cremation Crisis. Adath Israel is proudly participating in this effort along with over 650 shuls in North America.   

The painful reality is:

Every 16 minutes another Jew is cremated in the U.S.

50%! Approximately half of American Jewry are choosing cremation, and unfortunately, this trend is growing.

30,000 Jewish are irreparably harmed by cremation every year!

Don’t say that cremation is tragic, but there’s nothing I can do about it. Each and every one of us can make an eternal difference! How? Please check out these websites to learn what you can do:

In addition, in this week’s parasha, we read how Jacob, on his deathbed, prepares his family for life after his passing. Fittingly, it’s appropriate to give some thought to how we can prepare our families for that eventuality as well. Therefore, I encourage you to read the following article by my colleague, Rabbi Efrem Goldberg, on end-of-life planning.