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Update from Israel

Shalom from a grieving, mourning, resilient and determined Israel.  This evening at 7:45pm, I’ll be sharing with you via Zoom how my trip is going. Meanwhile, please read this important letter I just received from AIPAC.

Dear Rabbi Landau,

Israeli teams are still working to identify victims who were kidnapped and killed by Hamas, yet the remains of many bodies are impossible to decipher. Today, Israel confirmed that at least 222 people were taken hostage by Hamas.

Israel also shared that 21 children are now orphaned – including a four-year-old whose parents were killed and is being held in Gaza.

Everyone in Israel knows someone who was killed, injured, or kidnapped by Hamas. And everyone knows someone who has been called to active duty with the IDF. 

Israel did not seek this war, but Hamas brought it to them and the people of Gaza. Israel must now fight it and win it.

Each of us, and our friends, families and colleagues, have an essential role to play to ensure Israel has the resources it needs to protect its families.

President Biden has requested a massive emergency aid package for Israel. Congress must pass it as soon as possible.

ACTION NEEDED: Your voice is essential. Click here to email Congress, and then forward this email to others and urge them to join you in contacting your elected leaders by visiting

The disinformation campaign against Israel is in full swing, painting Israel as the aggressor and ignoring the facts. Yesterday, a New York Magazine writer took to X (formerly Twitter) to state that Israeli babies were "found headless," but not necessarily beheaded.

The Israeli government invited foreign press to watch a 45-minute video of unreleased and unedited footage from Hamas body cameras. Read one reporter’s recounting of the horrific things he saw, and watch this video detailing what was shown.

GETTING THE FACTS: Please download and share this AIPAC FAQ document about the war. You can also review our list of recommended people and organizations to follow on X and Instagram for updates, analysis, and information.

As the news cycle moves further from October 7, we must continue to tell Israel’s story and strongly support its decisive actions to protect its families and destroy Hamas.

Yesterday, Congressman Juan Vargas penned a powerful op-ed in The San Diego Tribune affirming "Israel’s right and duty to defend itself from Hamas' barbarism."

Senators Ben Cardin and Katie Britt spoke passionately about what they saw in their private meetings in Israel this weekend.

"We had the chance to see it firsthand in the videos and the photos and the faces and the scars that we see that have been given to this country, to the families of the hostages, and the pains that they're suffering, small children," said Senator Cardin. "It's just unspeakable that this happened."

Senator Britt added, "When we watch the videos and heard the stories today, the things that happened were unthinkable. The loss of life, kids having to watch their parents be murdered, parents having to watch their children be burned to death, women having to be raped, kids decapitated. It's disgusting, it's despicable and it is pure evil."
May God protect the brave soldiers of the IDF, provide comfort to the people of Israel, and safeguard those kidnapped by Hamas.


Wayne Klitofsky
Western States Director

There are many worthwhile places to donate much needed funds to meet the many needs facing Israel, the IDF, and Israelis in crisis. For example: