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rabbi 05 smallsf badge lgRabbi Joel Landau  ( has been the Rabbi of Adath Israel since May 2013. He was ordained by the Chief Rabbinate in Jerusalem and has served previously as a congregational Rabbi in Charleston, South Carolina and Irvine, California. A full biography of Rabbi Landau is available here.


This week has been pretty busy. 

On Sunday, we had our Annual General Meeting and Dinner. Thirty people were present, which represented twenty families. Here are some of the highlights: Adath_Israel_Family_Units_by_Age.png

5782 Communal Stats: 

110 Family units = 77 Full members, 33 Assoc. members

70 years and over =47 units

50 years and over = 25 units

30 years and over = 38 units

We have 32 families with 64 Children ages 0-18!

Bar Mitzvahs/Bat Mitzvahs: 5 Bar/0 Bat 

New Families: 6 – Bernshteyn, Gofman, Lederman, Low, Safdie, Slepnyov

Families who moved away: 1 – Katz

Members who Passed Away: 4- Isaac Dan, Phil Kaplan, Mela Katznelson, Shep Levine

Financials: Our operating account is forecast to end the year with a positive balance of $27K.

Thanks: To all the people that make Adath Israel happen - Board Members, Minyan Men, Minyan Sponsors, Kiddush/Lunch Sponsors, plus another twenty people who go out of their way to help our community in various different ways (at the meeting everyone was named).  

Election: Tali Besedin, Velvel Brodskiy, Miriam Butrimovitz, David Garth, Yoel Gluck, Bonnie Kalbrosky, Vicki Keyak, Natalie Melendez- Ortiz, Neal Wohlmuth

Permanent Members: Robert Berger, David Kimmel, Emil Knopf, Tauba Weiss.  

On Monday, Rabbi Haim Jachter, our Eruv consultant, came to town to help with upgrading the Sunset Eruv. This meant that from roughly 10am-7pm, we were busy finding ways to make our Eruv less dependent on leniencies and conform to a more normative standard. For those of you who might not be familiar with what an Eruv is, it allows transporting/carrying items on Shabbat from a private domain (one’s home) to a public domain (sidewalk/street). Without an Eruv, it is prohibited to do so. Our Eruv relies on Electric/Com lines. The position of the wire in relation to its pole is crucial to whether the wire can be utilized as part of the Eruv. The end result is a continuous symbolic enclosure from 20th Ave and Santiago to 44th and Santiago. From there to the corner of Kirkham and 46th. Then back up to 20th Ave and along 20th to Santiago.

On Tuesday, our new board had its first meeting. It was decided for the coming year to have an executive committee instead of a President, Vice President etc. The board then appointed David Garth, Yoel Gluck and Bonnie Kalbrosky as the Executive Committee. All of them are looking forward to making things happen at Adath Israel over the coming year. 

On Wednesday, Polina and I did a long overdue review of the shul’s QuickBooks accounting system so that Velvel (who is a CPA) can customize the system to our specific needs. After that, we worked on the shul’s 5783 customized calendar (see below), which we hope you will receive by the end of August.